A New Direction for a New Year

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while, but a lot has been put into motion since the holidays.

Last January, my step-father passed-on, and I received a sizeable inheritance over the holidays…enough to where I can support myself & fully commit to learning software development. So I revisited my research on coding bootcamps, as they’re currently the best option to transition into this role in a timeframe that fits my budget. Most of my research entailed looking within & seeing what I need to make this a successful endeavor.

My responsibility in learning is much like a plant’s relationship to the sun. First off, the sun has no knowledge of what the plants need, it just burns & sends its energy in all directions. It is the plant’s responsibility to angle & direct itself to effectively utilize the sun’s energy. So I need to make sure that I put myself in a program & environment that’s compatible with how I learn.

Most bootcamps were out of the question, as they’re usually 4~6 months long, which is far too intense for me. In my experience, a slow & steady flow of water fills up a sponge more effectively than a waterfall. A 10-month long program would be much more effective for me. After much research, I landed on Flatiron School. I’m currently going through the pre-work & aiming to start in a class that starts on the 11th, but may have to wait until the following class in mid-March, depending on how things go.

I’m really excited about this new direction. I’ve discovered that building apps brings up the same giddiness and squee as making a new cosplay for Comic Con or recording a podcast. It’s the same reason I splash in the bathtub. I’m pushing 40, and I’ve already spent way too much time just getting a job that covers the bills. When I have a chance to make a living doing something that brings me joy, I have to go for it.

…and I don’t do half-measures.

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