…and the 2019 Wheel Keeps Turning

It’s been a while since my last post, so I figured that it’s time to update on my plans for this year.

I had to move to a later class. I came to the realization that starting in February was WAY overly optimistic. At the time, I thought that the self-teaching I did with Python would carry most of the way through, and I realized the fault of that decision. I had no idea how deep the pre-work would go into the concepts. While I didn’t keep records of how long the labs took, I have a feeling that it took longer than the 100 hours listed in my application packet.

The amount of time it took is definitely more attributed to my addiction to figure it out on my own than the difficulty of the material or access to help. I’m still learning how to read my level of frustration & seeking help before it supercedes my ability to be receptive. Right now, that line is pretty blurred, so I need to be more active in seeking help when I start to feel frustrated.

Most of the time, the errors in my code are caused by small issues…not using the right variable(s) on a method, or assigning a variable in the wrong block…and they’re resolved relatively quickly. Thankfully, the errors aren’t due to a fundamental mis-understanding of a concept, or poor structure.

So I pushed-back my start date to mid-March…next Monday (11th), in fact! Even with the hair-pulling, forehead-smashing frustrations I’ve had. this is still really fun & exciting for me.

I will be posting more regularly, and I also have a weekly vlog on YouTube chronicling this journey.

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