Journey Through Django–Beginnings

I recently decided to start a new project. I came up with the idea while I was attending Flatiron School, and I could tell that it would take me longer than the amount of time I had, so I placed it on the back-burner. I want to build a site where people can enter their physical address, their electrical devices, and it says how many solar panels they would need to go off-grid.

From the get-go, I can tell that I will need to connect to at least one API, if not more. That in & of itself isn’t a barrier for me, I accomplished that in other projects. API’s were designed for developers writing applications, not for end-users interacting with the application, so I will most likely have to utilize additional API’s to enable a better user experience.

Then again, I may be totally wrong about this project’s potential complexity.

I’m using this as on opportunity to learn something new, and I decided to go with Django. It’s based on Python, which holds a special place in my origin story. I was introduced to it while studying at DeVry in the early 2010’s, and helped break down my misconceptions of what it takes to develop software. So learning a web framework based on Python feels like I’m returning to an old friend.

The path I decided to take is start with a tutorial just to get my bearings and see how everything flows together, then jump into my project. I decided to go with one of freeCodeCamp’s tutorials on YouTube, due to being a trusted source (in my experience, anyway). One could seriously get lost in the search results of “{insert language/framework} tutorial,” and constantly 2nd-guess which one they should follow. I just needed enough to get familiar with the structure, and how the different components interact with each other; I can figure out the rest as I need to learn it.

It’s been fun so far, and I’ve found that Django functions pretty similarly to Rails. At this point, I haven’t gone deep enough into Django to determine how they differ aside from directory structure. I’m in the tail-end of the tutorial, so I should be starting the project itself pretty soon, and will be posting my experiences as I go along.

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