Making of Freelance Journey 20

I feel that I have to acknowledge that this is the first post YouTube transition video. I feel like I’m moving into a new phase of my development as a video content creator. I definitely didn’t plan to make the 20th of this series match this stage of development, it just happened that way. I don’t really have an over-arching plan for this series, it’s more for me than anything.

I started this just to document what I’m going through so I can re-visit later to track progress & make sure I keep moving forward. However, this kind of change can’t be done in a vacuum. What I think needs to be done in this journey may be completely wrong, so I need to let other voices into the conversation to give me some perspective.

That’s where making these videos publicly available comes in. I started at Vimeo due to my wariness of YouTube’s control over what can/can’t be seen. I didn’t want the anxiety of “what do I need to do/say to keep these videos online” entering into my mind during that stage of development. I have no issues with Vimeo’s hosting service, it gave some people a chance to watch me work through that stage & provide feedback. However, it was very much a 1-to-1 deal; if you saw those videos, there’s a really good chance that you got the URL from me directly.

That’s when I started looking at YouTube. I took a lot of time and researched the elements of their guidelines & system, and I don’t feel that I have much to worry about. It’s highly unlikely that an AI program or person would find my titles & descriptions spammy or click-batey, and I don’t see how the content I’m putting out would violate their reasonable community guidelines.

I think that I can sum-up the reason behind my wariness with this: “if it bleeds, it leads.” The story of some YouTube creator getting their videos taken down for an ambiguous reason sounds intriguing, and it feeds on this anti-corporation affectation. So I’m excited to see what this new phase will bring & where I go from here.

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