Making of Freelance Journey 22

I’m a bit late writing this, but life happens. I’ve been busy preparing for my part in my brother’s wedding that takes place this weekend.

I definitely feel like I’m making progress in tightening up my videos and making them more engaging. It’s slowly becoming less and less a stream-of-consciousness deal and (slightly) more produced. I feel OK with this, as I already have a podcast with that creative philosophy. I feel the need to have a free-flowing content platform is being met, so giving this channel a narrower scope makes sense.

So I’ve taken to create a more drilled-down outline and separating each point while I record. I find that I’m able to give the details a little more focus, and hopefully make each one more engaging. The only aspects of it that are fully scripted are the intro & outro, the rest of it is still pretty off-the-cuff. I’m still not quite sure where that balance lies.

I’m going to start a live streaming series called Ryan Learns to Code, in which I go through a tutorial on a language or framework & build something. I’m not sure how often I’ll do it, but I’ve gotten more views on a live stream test than most of my videos. I think doing regular live streams would foster more community growth, so we’ll see how that goes.

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