Since you’ve been gone…

It’s been quite a while since I’ve last posted in the blog. I’ve been really focused on getting a main gig. It took a while to really nail-down the direction I want to go in, and I’m moving forward with a renewed sense of focus. So I’m plugging away & keeping the faith that something will shake out at the end.

I realized that as I progress in this freelancing career, I will need some way to keep it organized. I have difficulty handling more than a few situations at once, as far as keeping track of specifics, so I’ve been looking into project management software. I’ve been trying out a handful of options that look like they may do the trick, but it’s going to take some trial & error (mostly error) to develop a long-term solution.

I just started a channel on YouTube, and it took some internal back & forth for some time to reach this decision. I chose Vimeo because of their hands-off approach to content management…but it also has a fraction of the audience that YouTube does. I was very wary of going with YouTube from all the stories of people’s channels being taken down, and especially after the shooting that took place at their HQ. After reading through their guidelines, I am confident that I can avoid the biggest pitfalls and provide ample evidence if I have any slip-ups.

So I a have a couple ideas for new videos, and I will be using the project management software to keep track & see how it feels using it. Part of my workflow will involve writing a blog post about my experience creating the video, so more content is coming out!

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