The Making of Freelance Journey 19

I produced this concurrently with the “How I Got Started Vlogging” video, so it’s difficult to distinguish which lessons are isolated to this particular video. As I mention in this video, YouTube will be my primary content distribution platform going forward. I’m at the point where I’m ready to move beyond press-record-then-talk-then-stop-recording. It takes more than that to create an engaging video that holds people’s attention.

I’m seeing the spots where I need some structure to bring people in & say “hey, this is what this video series is about,” as opposed to just record & upload it without considering how a new person may see it. That’s not to say that I can’t be off-the-cuff in some aspects of producing the content, but I have to be more purposeful in how it’s used. While people are looking for more authenticity, having a structure does make it a bit more digestible. Every comic is somebody’s first comic.

I also need to work on my wrap-up to make it integrate with the end cards better, especially when it comes to timing. I’m sure there are other tweaks that will help in discoverability, sharing, and engagement, but that’s more about working within best practices of the platform. I have a feeling that I still need to work on making the content itself more engaging, which would be applicable regardless of how the platform operated.

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